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Ceramics and Theory

fucks to give - Temporary Tattoos - Set of 8

You know what I have had? It.

Oh you sassy thing, putting such vulgarities on your body! Complement your summer lqqks and beach body (i.e. your beautiful body, just as it is, right now today) with my metallic gold custom temporary tattoos. Each set includes 5 fuuuucks of various sizes, a “fuck this” and “fuck that",” and one little cartoon dick—about the size to stick behind your ear or something. Easily cut apart and share with a pair of scissors. Created via tattly, so you know they’re baller.


Sheet size is 2.5 x 4.5.” The largest “fuuuuck” is 2.75” long, and the smallest is about an inch. “fuck this” and “fuck that” are each approxmiately 1.25 x 1.” Shipped in a waterproof plastic bag via USPS.

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