frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions

I've heard handmade pottery contains lead, which is very bad. Your pots got lead in 'em?

Ceramics and Theory pieces are made without lead. In the US, lead has 
been pretty rigorously eliminated from the studio pottery industry.
Shit, something broke in the mail. How d'you want me to handle this?
Listen, we've got a couple options if something arrives to you 
damaged. Please inspect your order upon reception and contact us 
immediately if the item is damaged or if you receive the wrong item, so 
that we can figure out how to make it right. Send a quick pic of the 
damage please!

For pieces that are made to be similar (i.e. fuck cups, etc.) we will 
ship the same product. For one-off pieces (i.e. Pep Talk) you will have 
the option for me to make a similar piece or select another piece. For 
extra special pieces (e.g. Pep Talk, Group Chat) you will also 
have the option for a refund. Pieces may take approximately 4 weeks 
to ship.

ceramics and theory pieces are not returnable.

What kind of clay do you use, bruh?
I use a very fancy grolleg porcelain because I like the fine grain 
for carving / writing, and it is breathtakingly translucent because I 
throw it very thin.

Oh, you mean in my hair? My barber recommended a stiff clay called layrite.


Mmhmm I see, and how do you fire it?

I don't fire my hair, but they clay goes to cone 10 (about 2345 degrees F) in an electric kiln (i know i know.)

Why do they call it "throwing" anyway?
Well, I heard on the British Pottery Throw Down that "throw" and
"turn" had the same Olde English root word, so basically it still comes 
from Turning.

Lemme get ahold of you one of these days.

You can always reach us via the contact form, on instagram, or, if you sound legit, we'll even give you the phone number.