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Ceramics and Theory

Curvy Mug [4 styles]

Baby, how you feelin? Well. It took be a dozen years to find something positive to say, but by golly I think I’ve put some actions, values, and affirmations into physical form with this collection. Made with a custom blended speckled porcelain for stunning texture and depth, each handmade mug has letters individually applied (with only occasional misspellings that are quickly destoryed, don’t worry.) Clear glaze interior, 4 x 5 x 5”

It was this year that made me feel it was important to celebrate our daily successful, no matter what field or how large or small.

It was this year that made me wish folks were a little more resilient, while also being stunned by the strength some (read: women) have exhibited.

It was this year that made me realize it’s OK to be a little intense sometimes. What does OK Cupid oppose Intense with? Normal? Give me Intense.

Succinctly, stay DOPE my friends.

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