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Ceramics and Theory

Custom To Do List

To Do:

1) buy eggs

2) Lunch (Book Club)

3) Be excited about custom mug! Great for celebrating special events, life achievements, and just getting through another month.

Wow, this might get a little complicated! You should purchase this mug and in the "order notes" you can include a few things that I will write on your custom mug, 8 items is ideal and include up to 3 additional (space allowing.) Keep em short. We can email a little to clarify, and I would love to see any doodles or other things that I can mimic. Think of a few vague things that have personal meaning, some really incredibly specific things, and a few boring chores, too.

This mug is approximately 4” wide (5” with the handle) and 3” tall. Food-safe clear glaze interior, polished unglazed porcelain on the outside. Please allow approximately 4 weeks for shipping.

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