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Ceramics and Theory

Muff Diver Mug

There is one particular market where I sell my work every September - a drag show - which is my favorite event of the year because it is the friendliest and chattiest. And every year a few (two) lesbian couples will ask for more work for queer women. I we've talked before and I always say I don't really know what to write because there isn't a word that's as fun as f^g or twink or çunt for lesbians. And they always tell me to just go for it! So we've done "l e z go" before and this year just brainstormed words for cunnilingus. I added Big Ole L e zbo, and I mean it with so much love!

This mug is approximately 4” wide (5” with the handle) and 3” tall. Food-safe clear glaze interior, polished unglazed porcelain on the outside.

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