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Ceramics and Theory

Big Ole Lezbo Mug

There is one particular market where I sell my work every September - a drag show - which is my favorite event of the year because it is the friendliest and chattiest. And every year a few (two) lesbian couples will ask for more work for queer women. I we've talked before and I always say I don't really know what to write because there isn't a word that's as fun as fag or twink or cunt for lesbians. And they always tell me to just go for it! So we've done "lez go" before and this year just brainstormed words for cunnilingus. I added Big Ole Lezbo, and I mean it with so much love!

This mug is approximately 4” wide (5” with the handle) and 3” tall. Food-safe clear glaze interior, polished unglazed porcelain on the outside.

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