Rimware Luncheon Plate


Rimware Luncheon Plate

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Now in the shop by popular demand (or polite interest? I can't tell.) this functional lunch-size plate returns to production after its introduction in like 2010. The image on each plate is drawn by hand with black clay, using a traditional inlay process (because of course)—not a commercial transfer or decal, the drawing is under the glaze for an uninterrupted surface. Each plate is clear-glazed porcelain, finished at 2300 degrees, for a good solid dining surface, approximately 9" diameter.


14k gold butt hairs adorn the plates and are fired to over 1300 degrees in a third firing process. They're just like your family's heirloom china--the gold is foodsafe and permanent, but will wear off as you cherish it for 80 years, etc.

BONUS: each plate is prepared with a hanging option in the back, so you can easily display your fine drawing when not in use.

DOUBLE BONUS: Take your lemon bars to the church picnic on this one for a memorable afternoon in the park.

Please note: All Rimware pieces are made to order. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

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