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Ceramics and Theory

What the Actual Fuck Vanity Jar

How DO you do it? How do you keep thriving and living your life generously and with such grace? How are you also so put together and stylish, whilst I always forget my lunch in the refrigerator, or when I do remember it, my yogurt breaks open in my bag and then my day planner is covered in yogurt for the rest of the year and it’s only January 8? This means

1) Give the gift of your charm with this little storage box. Maybe it will make all the difference. 

2) Whoo, you better celebrate and maybe this porcelain jar is just what you need for your elegant self-care routine, you angel. 


Tall Vanity Jar is 3.5” wide and 5” tall. Hand-thrown porcelain with a clear glazed interior. 

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