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Ceramics and Theory

Six Pack Mug Subscription

Can you think of a better kind of six pack? You or your special friend / loved one will receive six unique handmade mugs (pink and white fuuuucks, f this, f that, piss off, and tough shit) over the coming year. Your first delivery will be in early December 2022, then in February, April, June, August, and October 2023. Google says the way to describe this schedule is "bi-monthly" but I thought it would be more clear to list some months here. And it's not bi-erasure, it's just clear expectations! 

When purchasing this subscription, you will not be able to cancel partway through. That's commitment baby! Your card will be charged six separate times as each shipment comes to pass.

Here's what I will do for you: If you want the first mug shipped to you so you can wrap it up all fancy and present it on a Very Special Day, but then you want me to ship the rest of the mugs directly to your recipient, I can change the address manually for the remaining pieces. You can email or message me to arrange this.

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