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Ceramics and Theory

Kinder Mug A

All right, here's something new and it's the first piece I'm uploading for 2023, yay: "kinder" for it's childlike qualities, but also "kinder" because it doesn't tell you to get effed. I've enjoyed mashing color all over some mugs, but as I've tried now and again to make something a bit more minimalist, I've come to really enjoy the decorating process for them, too, where each color and shape really counts. So, I look forward to making more of these going forward!

About 3" tall and 3" wide, plus the little one-finger handle. Light pink glazed interior, polished porcelain exterior.

I've added a thumb rest for this one. I needed just a little nub to help stay balanced and comfortable, and honestly I walked around my studio just carrying it for days because i think it is such a sweet little moment. enjoy!

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