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Ceramics and Theory

I need a W Tall Jar

Like many of my pieces, this is inspired by a jar I DIDN'T BUY in 2014 and I've kicked myself ever since and that artist HASN'T MADE a similar piece since then and I KNOW because I KEEP LOOKING AT THEIR WEBSITE. Don't be like me, don't make that mistake, you need this jar even if it's only good for long fireplace matches and you live in a literal straw house and can never own matches. You will some something else to put in here.

May I recommend you put in a stack of blue ribbons and a sharpie, and then when you need a W you can just open it up and make yourself an award, for like doing a pedicure when you've needed one for 4 days. Or cleaning up the crumbs from around your toaster, because they aren't, like, BAD, but it's probably better if they didn't accumulate there. Or something like, picking up your kids from school. You know: things you can put off, but you usually feel better after you do them.

Hand-thrown Porcelain, 8" tall and 3.5" wide. The interior glaze is that pale tangerine shade that I find very pleasant. #winning

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