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Ceramics and Theory

Through the Mug Darkly

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I was in a ~*gLaZe ChEmiSTrY^~ class last summer and learned what loads of different glaze ingredients do. I always liked to say that “Glaze is a spectrum,” like from thick and gloopy to barely there and all kinds of shiny or stony texture. I use a very THIN black glaze (barely even a glaze maybe? but whatever) on the outside of this piece for a nice sort of shiny, sort of brushstrokey black (which some people think looks like peacock color, or maybe dark blue.) But on the inside I put a clear glaze over that black and it makes this blue like a universe of stars and galaxies and shit like that. The bottom on this piece, you might like to know, is white.


This is a regular size mug. I guess that means like 5” wide with the handle and around 3” tall, holding about 12 ounces of fluid stuff.

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