At Ceramics and Theory, we make unexpected things.

We believe in the power of expression, honesty, and frustration; of surprise and camaraderie.

Integrity is important to our design process. Simple forms and excellent craftsmanship ensure you get a classy piece that adds just the right wink and sparkle to your home.

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We use a fine, white porcelain clay which is fired to over 2300 degrees Fahrenheit to become glass-like, water-tight, and food-safe. Finely thrown and seemingly delicate, porcelain is quite robust--a delicate cup with a strong message.

Unless otherwise noted, all pieces are dish washer and microwave safe, although we recommend hand washing—be careful, yo!

Each piece of pottery is made and decorated by hand in Brooklyn, New York.

Dustin Yager has been working with clay for more than a dozen years, carefully developing expertise in working with porcelain on the pottery wheel. Prior to coming to New York in 2016, he lived and worked in Minneapolis and Chicago. Dustin has exhibited his work across the country and internationally, and given presentations about his practice at the Walker Art Center, the National Council for Education in the Ceramic Arts (NCECA) and Pecha Kucha Chicago. He is originally from Wyoming.