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  • Image of Tall Chalice
  • Image of Tall Chalice

Tall Chalice

Sold Out

Love! Sweet mystery of life at last I've found thee!

Your quest for Best Party Glass is over with the tall or short versions of this chalice - each listed separately as one of a kind pieces of wonderment. Basically I start by wanting to get this vessel up off the ground and then I stack shit underneath it until it stays there. This very professional construction method challenges me to keep things loose and risky, then if they don't melt and topple over in the kiln, you get this ultimately glam thing!

I sometimes call this series "YOLO Casual" because i think they're great to use despite their seeming fragility. They're robust and well-balanced. It's my go-to for a glass of wine, and I also imagine it as a ceremonial vessel for holding your sage or other magical portents, or maybe a handsome succulent.

Ok, thanks for reading, that's all. These are listed as one-of-a-kind, so you're purchasing precisely the piece that's pictured, nothing more and nothing less.