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Finally something new from this guy! The DYBK line launched just after my move to Brooklyn, reflecting new studio possibilities and the new energy and joy of getting to know a new city full of vibrant people. While this line has been in my head for a while, it's just now that it is popping out into the world.

What's different here? I am using a rich, red clay body, which provides depth under a matte white background and bold washes of color. The exterior is unglazed and has a nice texture, sort of like ummmm sand from a fine beach perhaps. Interior is lined with a clear glaze and you bet there's some color sparkles in there, at least most of the time. Each cup is approximately 3 x 5" and the surface decoration will vary, but always contain the same four colors.

Stay tuned for new items in this palette! AND stay tuned for periodic new colors - I am real excited for seasonal changes with these little suckers.