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About Ceramics and Theory

The vision of Ceramics and Theory is that we express our identities and values by the things we surround ourselves with. Furniture, fashion, paint color, photographs, mementos, toys--we are meaning making creatures and building a comfortable home is a serious but playful sport. Ceramics is a very direct and unusual object for this. It is both incredibly intimate and unusually public—we cradle cups in our hands and bring them to our mouths, but also use china to celebrate special occasions and display to guests year-round. My work plays with the formality of porcelain and refined, modern shapes while reflecting a more casual sense of propriety and relationships. The raw energy of my surfaces and the integrity of the simple forms unite my work in three colorways.

About the Work

My work is made by hand in Brooklyn, on my pottery wheel. I use a clay called grolleg porcelain that fires to a bright white and is translucent when very thin. Each piece is fired to over 2300 degrees F, where the clay becomes water-tight itself. The interiors are all glazed, but the exteriors are unglazed--I like the fine satiny texture, and I polish each piece with diamond grit as a final step to make it extra smooth. They are, of course, food safe. I recommend hand washing, but they're OK in the dishwasher, too. The “fuuuuck” and “hey boo” cups are written with a ceramic pencil that is fired to the same temp, so it is permanent. Occassionally you’ll find a gold accent that is a 14 karat luster, also fired to be permanent. Contact me if you have other questions.

Custom Orders
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About the Artist
Dustin Yager is a ceramic artist whose installation and functional work deals with popular perceptions of pottery, taste, class, and all that goes along with it. His work has been exhibited nationally, including exhibitions in Chicago, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, and Kansas City, and he has given presentations about his work and research at Pecha Kucha Chicago, the National Council for Education in the Ceramic Arts, The Soap Factory, The American Craft Council, and elsewhere. Yager earned a Master of Arts degree in Visual and Critical Studies from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and holds a BA from Carleton College. Now living and working in Brooklyn, NY, he is originally from Wyoming.

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