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Hello, Lovers! 

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I started down the road to this particular flavor of handmade pottery in 2006 after I left the bubble of my little liberal arts college and started working at a community art center in Chicago, amongst hordes of brown pots - chunky, earthy, retro, japanese-y (and sometimes lovely) pots that really had nothing to do with my life. Between mopping studio floors and working three retail jobs, I wanted to come home to pots that would commiserate with me and my box of wine, not tell me about their cozy warm day in my cupboards. Now, many years later, I've settled into this line of pots that are angsty and supportive, funny but still kinda pissed, full of energy for the various moments in your day.

From 2011-16 I built my studio practice in Minneapolis, before relocating to Brooklyn. I still make each piece by hand, myself. They're sorta wobbly and uneven and lovely - no two are exactly alike. The white pots are made from English Porcelain which is bright and white, and is translucent (!) when it is very thin. I slap some black ceramic stain on them, carve em up, and toss them into the kiln. The inside is glazed with a foodsafe clear glaze and the outside is polished to a satiny feel while still maintaining that "fuck off" attitude.

At the tail end of 2016, I launched the colorful DYBK line to match the new energy and opportunities of relocating to this fantastic community in New York. On a terra cotta red clay, I add white slip and colorful washes that maintain an exuberance and irreverence and go along with my own sense of color. The inside is glazed in clear over the dark clay and the outside is still unglazed - I just like that texture of polished clay!

All pieces OK in the dishwasher and microwave, but they are still thin handmade clay objects, so treat 'em right. 

Let me know if you want something custom. Sometimes they get a little gold splashed on 'em, or I can right a special message for you or someone you care about.

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